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Default Poly Union/marriage Ceremonies

I'm interested to hear what people have done or would consider doing if they choose to declare their poly relationship.

Redpepper and I were talking about this a little because the polygamy laws in Canada seem to be a hot topic.

Although raised catholic and engaging in a traditional relationship, I eloped which needless to say pissed a lot of people off. The ceremony didn't seem important to us, the commitment and vows did. I don't even know what the drive to get married was seeing how we weren't really inviting anyone to watch and you don't get gifts for eloping! It simply felt right.

So now I'd like to ask for experiences or expectations if any. What type of ceremony, public or private? What would your vows sound like? Although I am wired monogamous and despite eloping, my traditional conditioning is very ingrained when it comes to marriage/union vows. Iím having a hard time wrapping my head around this aspect of poly commitment. I'm seriously lost in this and look forward to the opinions of all. This topic fascinates and yet worries me a little.

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