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Hmm, I've considered this before. I did create an account on Plenty of Fish a while ago, but then deleted it because I felt weird "shopping" for friends or partners without Jay knowing. I just didn't have a good feeling about it. I think it might be different if we were to actually talk about it and try it though.

I have been wanting to meet more people who are interested in polyamory. This would be a great way to accomplish that.

Originally Posted by Anneintherain
coupled people having no experience with poly and then lucking into a good and positive experience with a first relationship with somebody they already had romantic feelings for, and negative horrible experiences with first experiences backfiring and causing drama all around when the initial love interest is somebody that was already a known factor.
The latter part of this is exactly why I'm hesitant about this being our first poly experience. I think that both Jay and I value Jen's friendship so much, and the last thing I would want to do is to mess that up by trying to pursue a relationship with her. I'm especially conscious of this because Jay, Jen and I already have past drama that could resurface if not handled properly.

Thanks again for your advice. I kept flopping back and forth about this and it helped a ton. It has put this whole situation into such good perspective to be able to talk about it with someone who actually understands what polyamory is.
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