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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
Ah I have work to do...there's been a lot of discussion about this on a yahoo group on this since the call came up for intervenors in BC case with regards to this section 293. <sigh> from other group has been posted to the Press & Media Forum. Linked out below, and followed by excerpts from the discussion there...and in particular some links and articles both for and against which may be of some interest to various people.

May also be a good meaty discussion for members looking for something less...basic to discuss. If nothing else, I'd encourage everyone to read the linked articles.
Some friends of ours went to intervene in Vancouver, Canada. They are still organizing and getting there act together, passion up and voices ready. We'll see what happens. One of them is giving me (and our local poly group website) an update as it goes along.
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