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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
Are you planning on living in the same city at any point soon? If not, how do you reasonably think you can manage two long distant relationships when time is finite?...

...Yes though, I would probably bring it up to Jay to talk to her about it too, if she is OK with you dating people but not her friend, that will make for some interesting conversation and probably a lot of insight into things.
I wasn't thinking of pursuing this until I made the move there. I completely agree that it would only take away time and energy for my current relationship which isn't my aim. However, I'm going to definitely talk to Jay before going there. I figure the sooner I get this in the open the better.

I'm really excited/nervous to see how this pans out. We've talked about having other relationships before, but it's always kind of been an abstract concept. This time it will actually be tangible. Needless to say it will bring a lot of ideas and good conversations into the light.
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