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Originally Posted by SweetAmy View Post
Hi there! I'm new here and tried looking around for some like-minded folks near me but as it is overwhelming, I'll just write my own post. lol! I'm in my early 50s and got interested in having a relationship with a couple about 10 years ago but that didn't work out and so that interest went on the backburner. I thought I would try again and ended up finding this website with so much great info! I also found out there is a "name" for someone like me (unicorn). How cool is that? I'd love to find some friends out there with whom I can chat via email or coffee when I have questions or concerns. This may or may not be where my life is leading but I want to give it a shot. Thanks everyone!! Amy
Going to be in Sacramento for a few days, always enjoy conversing with other poly souls.
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