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Originally Posted by PolyInFL View Post
So I fess up to my DH "Honey, I miss sex" and the product of that conversation is basically that because he is working so much, fighting depression and stressed out all the time, he really isn't ever in the mood. I am to understand (says he) that it has nothing to do with me and not that he does not find me attractive anymore, he just is not interested in sex.
This was me a while back. I went through a long period where I just didn't want sex. I was stressed because of things inside and out. Work was sucking, I took a series of blows to my self-esteem, and money all conspired to keep me stressed. My reaction to stress is to pull back from people because I don't want to hurt anyone. Sadly BrigidsDaughter's reaction to stress is the exact opposite. Thankfully when she stated seeing Wendigo it took the pressure of her needing sex so much off of me, taking a little more off my plate and letting me focus on other areas, which helped me sort through them and now I've made a come back swinging, as it where.

And as for the eating, I understand that too. I have a few pressure release valves for stress (my hobbies, mostly). When they are unavailable to me for various reasons I start snacking. I don't mean to do it, it just kind of happens. If I watch myself I can catch myself and fend off the urges, but it's an uphill battle for the most part.

I sympathize for you and hope you can get what you need without all the eating.
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