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Lightbulb Potential court case: Identification of a potential intervenor. MFM

X-Posted...since I know that the author won't mind
This predated the Call for Intervenors

VanPoly Yahoo group, 8 Nov 2009
Re: Potential court case: Identification of a potential intervenor. MFM?

--- In
Does anyone remember a few years ago, there being a forum for discussion
online about marriage in Canada? It seems to me it was aiming at federal
government policy development and they were looking for input. I recall I had
some difficulty signing into the group and getting access so I never did find
out about where it went. I suspect it was pre-this Conservative group.
There is an Institute of Marriage and Family Canada...
I haven't dug into it very much...but I think it'll be leading the charge for the conventional nuclear family.

Which brings me to the next point, a book:
Sarah Carter.
The Importance of Being Monogamous: Marriage and Nation Building in Western Canada to 1915.
Edmonton: University of Alberta Press

Sarah Carter has a couple other books as least one along similar lines. I saw her at a leacture last year in Victoria. Rather informative. She didn't seem to want to get into current events or policies. However her lecture, and the book, deal primarily with the various non-monogamous, and non-life-long-marriage systems that were practiced by various groups in British North America, and the reasoning, methodology and laws that were brought in by the government to systematically force everyone into a one-man, one-woman life-long nuclear family with no option for divorce.

If you want to challenge the law, an understanding of the policy's that were used to create it might be of some use...especially considering that the policy back then was heavily conservative christian driven, and thus probably not in line with the Charter as it exists now.
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