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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
Great to hear! Don't be surprised if Alex or K go through a bit of moodiness and ups and downs over the next couple of days. Even when I meet a metamour and think they are awesome, I can find that it makes me a bit more prone to be unexpectedly emotional for a bit. Really glad they got along.
Funny you should say that. Just last night Alex had a dream that I was leaving her for K. In the past she has said things like "I don't see it", meaning she doesn't get my attraction to K because she's not my usual "type". But after meeting her, I think Alex does get it now, and even though she's glad she met K and likes her, the fact that she "gets it" now seems to be bringing up a new level of anxiety in her.

I have only been able to text with K since their meeting, so I am not entirely sure how she is feeling. As for me, I have been missing K a lot these past few days, as I promised Alex I would not see K until after Alex leaves on her work trip. So I still have a couple of days to go, but I really really miss her.
Gay 30-something female that just ended a committed relationship with a mono partner, Alex, and in the midst of NRE with a new lover, K.
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