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Default Clean...


I shave my head, face (except above the mouth), and my (bluntness) dick/balls/ass...I do it all myself.

My head and face I have always used a razor. I was using a razor on my dick and balls until I nicked myself and had an uncontrollable bleeding session under my little left babymaker...(Balls are babymakers, I consider the dick as a means of transportation)

Anyway, that experience along with the occasional ingrown hair, made me stop using a razor down there...I was never able to shave my ass with a razor.

Now, I use the hair removal thing since slice bread!!! Now not only can the truck (dick) and babymakers (balls) be hair free, but now i can be hairless around the dumpster (ass) too!!! Exciting times!

Hairless dumpster prevent flies...meaning, in my case, the hair use to hold "trash" (shit) and no matter how much wiping (with baby wipes and tissue), I still ended up with streaks in my undies...we won't even discuss the days I went cowboy... Got a new pair of jeans once...but now, no more streaks and cowboys days are more often!

Ok, back on topic...for me, I like a clean truck because on film (yes I like to video myself) it makes your Pick-up look like a Semi...and there is nothing more exciting to me seeing then PK trying to get all 18 wheels to disappear…it never happened yet but the first time she tried, a pub got in her nose and she almost choke (at least that what she blamed); so I removed that obstacle and now she can’t use that excuse again…

Now the babymakers got shaved the first time years ago during my vasectomy; I liked the feeling enough to keep them that way and I found out that girls enjoy licking hairless balls…

I know this was long…but I like talking about my truck/babymakers…hell, I’m gonna clean them tonight, take some photos, and send them to PK!!!
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