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Originally Posted by Pretzels View Post
All of this got me do people here broach the topic of their poly relationships with doctors? Has anyone compiled a directory of LGBT/poly-friendly physicians in any major cities?
I generally don't get sick. When BrigidsDaugter, Wendigo, or Pretty Lady get sick the other two generally catch it in short order. Of the four of us I've got an iron constitution. If, by some odd chance, I do catch the bug (severe weather changes are about the only thing that phase me) I'm usually down for a few days at most while they can be down for a month or more.

That said, if i ever needed to go to the doctor for that sort of thing I'd not hide a damn thing. Medical professionals have probably seen it all, heard it all, and your case is probably by far more normal then some of the ones they've heard of. Also, in order to get a better view of what's wrong with you, they need a nice full map of places you are likely to of gotten sick from, that includes people you've been swapping bodily fluids with.
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