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Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
nycindie, I mostly agree with you about Red needing to not blame herself, but ... Are you fucking kidding me?? First of all, it's not true. No birth control, even using multiple kinds at once, is 100%. Second of all, you DON'T say that to someone 41 weeks pregnant. You just don't. That's taking your NY bluntness and tactlessness too far.
Hey, I think you are misunderstanding me! Looking at my sentence that you quoted, I see why. I know that no b/c is foolproof (um, hello, I've been around a while). What does 41 weeks got to do with it? I don't mind being called blunt, but tactless? Sheesh, we're all adults, right? Was I supposed to pussyfoot around the pregnant woman? All I meant was that the OP's hubs is responsible, too, and that if they both really didn't want to get pregnant, that I'm sure they BOTH would have made the effort to prevent it (correcting my previous statement of "made sure"). Of course, no non-surgical protection is guaranteed, but that's not the focus of my comment. My main point was that she shouldn't be feeling like she's fucked up his chance to be poly somehow by getting preggers, as if that is all her fault, and he shouldn't be complaining about it. He was there, he played a part, so it's not all on her. She got pregnant -- it happened. They are in this together, and made their choices, but I see lots of self-blaming going on and was mostly responding to this:
Originally Posted by Red0824 View Post
he finally gets to explore himself in his fullest capacity and then bam! Baby. Yea, major frustration on his part.
Red0824, I'm sorry if I offended and I hope you understand what I was trying to express.
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