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So, you knew the sudden and new relationship that you entered into was potentially something your wife would be hurt by, you chose to actively pursue it and as well chose not to disclose any details about this new relationship or possibly poly tenancies you may have had to your wife for roughly . . . . two months . . . . ?

reading between the lines a bit, I take it this is not the first time a similar situation has occurred, but very likely the first time you've had an extra-marital encounter with serious consequences (the STD that you seem to have contracted) that you haven't been able to talk or plead your way out of with apologies and verbal self-flagellation.

Dude, you fucked up.

Instead of trying to distort what you did (or diminish who you did things with) or admonish yourself further for everything involved;
Give your head a shake, maybe explore the possibility that you have a taste for serial cheating and a need for the attention and negative fallout that comes afterwards. If that IS the case, you AND your wife really need to address it.

Someone else said it perfectly:

Originally Posted by mennodaughter View Post
Lying to your wife, hiding your relationship, and maintaining secrecy is NOT poly. It's cheating. You can call it whatever you want. However, if you are not being honest with your wife, you are cheating.
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