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Originally Posted by Red0824 View Post
This one, I feel like I'm in the right, asking him to be home every night, at least until the baby is born. I tell him I feel vulnerable in this stage, if she comes tonight, I would have to wait till he answers and gets home, or drive myself there. However, this child is so cozy, the chance of that happening is like 50 50 Lol.
You guys should be going out together as much as possible until this baby decides to get with the program and make an appearance. Sitting at home waiting, especially after the 40th week, is just stressful. Maybe you can offer a compromise: He takes you out 3 days, is at home ? days and will see her ? days, BUT he will ALWAYS be willing and able to answer the phone (or call back immediately), he won't be more than 15 min away and will be home at an agreed upon time.

He definitely needs to talk to other guys that have been through living with a newborn and a postpartum wife and FAST! Your hormones will still be out of whack even after the baby's born for a while, but it gets compounded with sleep deprivation.
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