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Wow, the advice and insight you all have given me is over whelming! And I have to say, I thought when I posted I would be getting slammed with things like, "you're in this relationship, do everything you can to make him feel good." And deal with the pain while he does his thing. All of the things I'm hearing from you all is what ive been thinking. And expressing for that matter, maybe not so rationally and eloquently, but they were expressed. Sourgirl, you're right about handeling my feelings differently. I'm a very stubborn person and I'm a knee jerk, emotional person, I tend to let my mind roam free, and my opinions with it. I need to learn to control my reactions and own to my feelings. Its harder to do when you have no practice . And I will put my best foot forward to improving that part of myself. As for hubby, even if I were to ask him to take a break from poly, again, for a couple of months for baby and relationship adjustment, how is that supposed to work with his girlfriend? They've already started to become close, and I feel like it would be unfair to her to ask her to wait on the side lines while we figure things out. I think of how I would feel, and I don't think I would wait. Only because of the baby. The girlfriend told him last night, she could handle the time restraint it would have on them once the baby is born as long as I am cool with their relationship. Which I am to a certain point, but that's how it always goes. There is always a hump that I have trouble getting over with each girl. This one, I feel like I'm in the right, asking him to be home every night, at least until the baby is born. I tell him I feel vulnerable in this stage, if she comes tonight, I would have to wait till he answers and gets home, or drive myself there. However, this child is so cozy, the chance of that happening is like 50 50 Lol. But like I said, he is struggling to make both parties happy, this is the second girl we have been through during this pregnancy, the other made the choice herself. This one seems to think she can be ok as long as I am. So, does it still sound like I should ask him to hold off, or should I suck it up and trust him that he knows what he is doing? Thatgirlingray, how long did it take for your husband to be ok with you being poly? Is it still a struggle for him at times? Or have you two reached a wonderful medium?
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