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Originally Posted by beatbox151 View Post
I certainly was not trying to point a finger at you about this response. In fact, I did look up Poly people, but they seem to be few and far away from me. I am still looking though.

As far as taking time to explain to her the difference between swinging and poly, I have neither the time or inclination to continue the conversation. She obviously would rather place me in some icky-man catagory than listen to what I say about it.

Ahh well, via con queso.
Goodness, I know that. I don't take things that personally.

I agree. When someone isn't open to listening, why bother? You have no reason to try to convince anyone. And, well, people do debate it, quite hotly. There was just a very long and emotional debate on one of the groups I subscribe to. I don't care to debate it, but there are those that do.

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