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Thanks for the invitation.

Yes, I've been following that thread there. I'm way out on the Southern Tier, same place as Constlady. I've been trying to extract myself from here since October but with little success. Looks like I won't be moving away from here anytime soon, but I haven't given up looking.

I see that there is also one tonight in Victor. Still not sure that I can attend tonight, but it looks unlikely. Victor is about a two hour drive each way this time of year and Syracuse is more than three.

Buffalo is about two.

Elmira is over an hour. I tried to make a couple of get togethers over there but got the times and / or locations mixed up. Between the time and the carbon footprint, I find it hard to justify the get togethers. I also get over to Ithaca pretty frequently and have friends where I can stay if needed.

A little more by way of introduction. I've read a few more intros and see that some people go into greater detail about their current relationship status. Mine is definitely a function of geography and of

One of my loves lives in the Hudson Valley. She's trying to work things out with her husband but with little success. She just got her own place a week ago, but I don't see myself moving in with her. We've been friends all our lives and lovers only recently. If there are gatherings there, perhaps my love and I can attend, and she can learn more about poly.

My soulmate lives in Sonoma County California. She's invited me to live with her, but I would not be permitted to be poly if I accepted her offer. I don't think that would work out. She's the only woman I've ever proposed to marry, but my proposal was made with the explicit understanding that it would be an open marriage. She declined on those terms but wanted to continue the relationship. Ours is a deep and lasting love that transcends sexuality. She is a Buddhist and is convinced we will keep encountering one another in each lifetime until we reach Nirvana. While I don't necessary share her spiritual beliefs or the path she's chosen, I do acknowledge that there is a deep soul connection there that goes beyond friendship. She is very shy, reclusive and introspective, and has been celibate now for years. I don't see her fitting with the poly community, but I can't forsake or betray her for that.

Anyway, perhaps a bit of a long and off-topic answer to your question, and something you must have encountered on the Bird Cage. Hope you don't mind.

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Welcome, I've seen you on the Bird Cage - my username there is Vampkytti. Have you checked in the get together's section lately? We're planning one for the 25th.

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