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Originally Posted by sunnydee View Post
Well, Beat, I did tell you mono women will generally not appreciate being approached by a married man. If you search for poly in the keywords, you might be a lot happier with the results.

To be fair, she may have spoken a little rudely, but that's the internet for you. Oth, there's no reason, really, that she should understand there's a "difference" between swingers and poly. Most people aren't going to know anything about this and even swingers and polys still debate it.
I certainly was not trying to point a finger at you about this response. In fact, I did look up Poly people, but they seem to be few and far away from me. I am still looking though.

This was something that occurred because I had rated her high, and she rated me high, she instantly received an email (A way for OKCupid to bring people together but not FROM me). So she did have an interest, although one based on pictures rather than the content of the profile. She then read the profile and was disappointed, or just grossed out, or whatever and that's how it began.

As far as taking time to explain to her the difference between swinging and poly, I have neither the time or inclination to continue the conversation. She obviously would rather place me in some icky-man catagory than listen to what I say about it.

Ahh well, via con queso.
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