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The best I can do is offer my mono opinion. I struggle with the idea of poly at first, and I still have some reserve for it. Really at this point the only thing I am worried about is time management which seems to be one of the issues that is weighing on your mind. Yes you are mono, 6 years hasn't changed you nothing probably will. Have you tried dating someone else? I feel I learn more about things when I do them myself. I will be taking my own advice on this when I get home from deployment. You might want to talk about some boundaries to be set. Ok we have a new baby lets take a few months and get into a pattern (as much as possible). How many nights a week/month does he want to take this other woman out? Is he on the other side of it doing the same for you. Soon yes you will need a babysitter. I feel as being the mono partner sometimes places the pressure on you to change/adapt/compromise. This isn't true. You have to meet on a middle ground somewhere. If he wants eight nights a month with her, tell him you can do four and see where it goes from there. If he is unwilling to try and give you four nights out without the baby maybe it is time to start thinking about saving yourself and leaving him. What I am saying is, he has to put the same, if not more, effort into your relationship as well. Otherwise it isn't fair.
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