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Yes, 6 years is a ridiculously long time to not have adjusted to poly. During that time I think I was in denial, hoping that it would go away. And ive hurt him so many times by sabatoging those few relationships with my possiveness. He is fed up with it,and is at the point of just doing what he is going to do with them and have me deal with what ever feelings I get from it on my own. It sounds harsh, but I don't really blame him. He does give me the love and attention I need when he is here. Except the constant texting, but with most of his time going to me, oh I forgot to mention, on top of the baby, he got a new job which takes up 50-60 hours of his time during the week. How else are they supposed to get to know each other? The last girl couldn't do this because she was concerned of the time he wouldn't have once baby is here. So that one wasn't me for once Lol. Thanly. This one, he is afraid of the same thing happening, so it feels like he is scrámbling to make time for her while he can. They went to the movies last night. And he is spending the first full night away tonight with her. She is 20, with not much money and no id to go out so he goes there to hang out and drink, he usually stays till he is sober anyway, but this time he wants to be there when she wakes up, and he wont make a time commitment to when he is coming home tomorrow. I flipped. was that an over reaction? And asking him to hold off on poly when baby is here wont fly. This isnt the first time ive gotten that advice ,but when i mention it he thinks he can juggle all of this as long as I stop freaking out at the smallest things. And start being his supportive partner. Do I just let him try it and see what happens? In the meantime, I'm 41 weeks, frustrated that this baby wont come out, and I'm projecting everything onto him. How do I stop this?
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