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Hi Bangel,
Sorry for you. I can relate, somewhat.

We're living under the same roof while my husband carries on his wild romance with his gf. I realized that our marriage is over. It may have worked differently if Sun had been more honest with both me and his gf, but it took the course it took and that is that.

We have hired attorneys, we are working on a dissolution of the marriage.

It is so hard to see him come and go every day, my ego has a hard time knowing he has chosen her over me. But -- I have chosen me over HIM! I can't be the woman he wants and needs right now, and I cannot accept things as they are(/were/would likely continue to be) in this relationship. I can't believe how much personal growth and transformation I have experienced since he started seeing her. Most of it through excruciating pain.

An interesting thing just happened over the weekend. I had a revelation, to look at Sundance as a brother, instead of a husband or a lover. My entire perspective has shifted. I feel more loving towards him than I have in MONTHS. I'm kind of playing tricks on my brain. It seems to be working. (I'm going to post some of this on my blog, too).

Hugs, B. I hope things work out for you soon.
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