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thanks for all the replies!

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Are you straight or bi? If you're bi, I bet you could meet women through your parenting groups that would be interested in a deep emotional connection, and of course you'd have being moms in common.

If you want a guy... um, with watching 4 kids all day, how on earth do you have time and energy to hook up with one?

I had a couple dates with an asexual guy a couple years ago. He was into tickling instead, for endorphin release. I met him on ok cupid.
I'm bi curious. I grew up in a very religious family, I was a virgin when I got married at age 20 and my husband and I have had a monogamous relationship. So i've never been with a woman. I just actually realized about 1.5 years ago that i'm asexual. Before that, I just always thought there was something wrong with me b/c I didn't want/view sex the way everyone else did. For what i'm looking for in a relationship, I'd be happy with either male or female.

Originally Posted by wildflowers View Post
I wonder whether this necessarily needs to be in the context of polyamory. Do you feel strongly that it does, or are you perhaps just thinking in that context because that is where your husband would look? To me your description could potentially fit within the bounds of a close and caring friendship, though I guess it might depend on the scope of the snuggles

Anyway, I wonder whether simply pursuing friendships and getting to know people in your community isn't a good place to start. Of course, that could reflect my strong bias in favor of having relationship develop out of friendships, which is basically how mine have always happened.
nah, i don't think what i'm looking for has to be in the context of polyamory. i guess it does depend on the scope of the snuggles, lol. but my husband is also free to pursue relationships/casual sex/etc. and i am fine with that. i'm actually tired of trying to fulfill all his needs, lol.

I would love to have a simple friendship turn into a little more. But I don't currently have any friendships that I see going that direction. The ppl that I'm closest friends with are religious (and there's only 1 or 2) and the rest of the ppl I know are more superficial relationships but that's not for lack of trying on my part. I guess i suck at making friends, lol.

Originally Posted by NewCrobuzon View Post
I definitely want to second the use of OKCupid. If you're feeling nervous or hesitant, you can just put up a profile stating exactly what you want out of the site: dating, relationships, good friends, etc., and then you sift through the responses. My experience with it is limited, since we've basically only used it to search for casual sex partners at this point, but there's definitely a fairly strong poly presence on it as well. The real good thing about it is, unlike most dating sites, it's free. So you can sign up casually and don't have to feel pressured into using it immediately.

(And no, I'm not on OKC's payroll. : P I've just had a lot of good experiences with it.)
I will definitely take a look at OKCupid's website. I tried to look for a poly group in DFW, but apparently it's not active anymore. Dh and I need to get out and meet more people, but it is hard with 3 small little ones. I just need to be patient I guess.
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