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Default Could use some advice...

I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for me about moving a poly household to a new community. My husband, boyfriend, and I currently live in Central Virginia, but we're going to be relocating in August, either elsewhere in Virginia or to Indiana, depending on which University my husband decides to transfer to. Either place will be at least 4 hours from our current home, and we don't have any family or community ties in either of the new locations. We're wrestling with the question of how open we want to be about our situation when we are living somewhere new. Where we are now, all 3 of us have lots of family and social ties, and we aren't comfortable being open because of how it might impact our families. Although we live in a medium sized city right now, it tends to feel like a small town, and two of us have lived here essentially our whole lives. We're constantly running into people that have known us since childhood, or who are connected to our families. This will be less of an issue in the new towns. We'd like to be able to be honest from the beginning about who we are, but I thought I'd see if anyone has any experience in this. Is it better to make poly-friendly friends in the new place from the beginning, in order to minimize worlds colliding? How do you find these friends when you're in a brand new place? Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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