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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Well, lots of marriages work where one partner is mono and the other is poly.The mono one just has to be cool with their partner being poly, even tho it's not the mono's preference.

It is quite common for one partner to be introverted, less social, and the poly one to be more outgoing and social. In fact, the mono one might be glad the other gets out of the house and out of their hair! My current bf, The Ginger, has this arrangement with his wife. She doesn't seem too interested in anything he does with me, just asks when she can expect him home.
...and that's cool, I understand long as both partners/spouses are aware & are fine with the arrangement - no issues there. But i'm sure there have been just as many couples where 1 partner wanted to remain mono & expected the other to do the same. That's where they must trust each other & communicate their preferences before somebody gets their feelings hurt.
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