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Not married, not looking like I ever will be, but I did notice an interesting phenomenon with the married, poly fellow I was involved with about four years ago.

When we started, wedding ring was on. I remember being in bed with him and thinking, "Yep, that's a first....(head explodes)"

Then, as things progressed, ring came off. Stayed off even though he told me his wife would yell at him to put it on before he went out places with me.

That's also how I knew things were more or less ending. Ring back on.

As for me, the dent is long-gone from where that engagement ring once sat. I miss something sparkly there, don't miss that relationship. I've got my grandmother's wedding right on my right hand given to me by my grandfather after she died. If it's the last ring of such sort I'll ever have, I'm OK with that.
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