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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
You "allowed" your partner to talk to someone? Mighty big of you. Wow. Just wow.
W/o all of the detail....we discussed her interest in seeing women. We're married (for over 10 yrs). She wanted me to be OK with her desire & pursuit of a fantasy she had been curious about for years. She wanted to know if I was OK with her possibly pursuing sexual relationships with other people. By me saying that I "allowed" her is really saying that, after lengthy discussion of initional limitations, we knew that we could have a more open marriage where sex with other people would be OK.

She wanted me to pursue other friendships as well and openly supports & encourages me to do so. The big this honesty & communication. If she met a m or f that interests her, she'll tell me & visa-versa with me if I met a f that I wanted to be closer to.

Didn't intend to sound possessive of her. Just that if I wasn't cool with swinging & she still had strong feelings of wanting to do it, there would've been the possibility of separation. In a marriage, if 1of the spouses aren't into poly or swing & the other was, it just wouldn't work.
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