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Originally Posted by bassman View Post
You'll enjoy the book "sex at dawn", about how our ancestors lived. I dont think science is much to blame.
thank you, Bassman, i read it and that's why i write down "science": darwin (with malthus and hobbes and rousseau, of course) had brought up the Flinstonization of humans. wasn't darwin a science-man?!

hope you guys and girls will listen to bassman'advice: Sex at Dawn is one of my favourites about polyloving topic and i thinks this book shoud be studied in a primary-version for kids (and adults) in schools.
anyway, with or without S@D in chools, as far as italy is concerned i see at least 2 or 3 centuries before a clear social Changement comes to light...
don't know what about india, but i read a nice article about this: i'll look if i find it again so to post it here (dam', why didn't i post it as soon as i found it?!!).

i'll come back soon, Urmilia and Amita
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