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Um. Wth is up with your partner giving you grief and guilt ("done enough damage", really??) when what you did was a GOOD move to try to help things?? I think it's always good to hear from a potential partner's partner so that you know things are on the up and up.

So what if you'd been drinking, all the more reason for her to know you were being honest. I mean, do you have a history of horrifically mis-stating things and coming off badly when drunk? Even if that was the case, even if you butchered things, that doesn't justify her ignoring him. That's just a shitty move on her part (assuming that she's not, in fact, just busy). He should be annoyed at her, not you, you did nothing wrong. After all, if she'd gone up and kissed him after your talk with her, he'd be praising you to high heaven, don't you think? Instead, he's upset that it didn't go the way he wanted and is taking it out on you. This doesn't bode well for future poly entanglements. Maybe I'm coming down a little hard here, but I really think he needs to check himself on this impulse.
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