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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
How about you let them figure out what will or won't work in the manner that adults do?
And how do adults do that? By seeing a therapist, maybe, which she is, so I get the gut reaction to act like one. Or sometimes by completely screwing up relationships and causing unnecessary amounts of hurt and pain. I can see where she'd want to avoid that. Oh, I'm sorry, did you mean the way HEALTHY and STABLE adults do?? From what I read that may not apply here. (Lola, that bit's not directed at you OR your guy. You're right, everyone has problems of some sort. That was in reference to the girl.)
whether he's mistaken or not really isn't your concern.
Of course it is- if something negatively affects him it's quite likely it's going to (at least for a while) affect her, and even from a less selfish standpoint there's nothing wrong with her being concerned about the person she loves getting hurt. There may not be anything she should DO about it, but there's nothing wrong with being concerned.
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