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For me, cruising is THE best way to vacation. First cruise I ever went on was with my hubby to the Caribbean and it was the best week of my life.

And it is true that they can actually be very economical vacations compared to other alternatives. Depends on when/where you decide to go, how much the airfare will be to get to the port (we live in FL now so we can drive to several ports - yay!) and if you drink a lot. Cruising includes your food, but not drinks. When we were deciding between a cruise and an all-inclusive resort we were amazed. Cruise cost us less than half of the resort - and unlike the resort you get to see many destinations. We realized that we would have had to drink over $2k in alcohol to make up the difference in cost at the resort. Well, DH and I enjoy a drink, but that is just crazy.

As for the rooms, ships usually have a few options depending on how many you need to sleep and if you want adjoining rooms.

It's definitely got me thinking... If the interest is there, I could probably spearhead the planning. I used to be an event planner as part of my job so I know some tricks.

Keep the comments coming on the thread if you are interested!
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