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Originally Posted by Monochrome View Post
Evangelion is probably my favorite of all time, though Bubblegum Crisis is a close second. BC 2040 is great, but I have a soft spot for the original Bubblegum Crisis (and Bubblegum Crash, and AD Police Files...) The art in the original is a little softer, both colors and line work.
I still find it funny that everyone likes this "Bubblegum Crisis" series.. name sounds so funny, laugh :-).

Originally Posted by Monochrome View Post
Some of my other faves:

- Ranma 1/2. All of it it great. Incidentally, I am usually pretty strict on the whole "subtitles are better than dubbing" debate. This is an exception. I still really like the sub-titles, but this has the best voice work for the English dub I have yet found.
- Tenchi Muyo. The original series, the sequels like Tenchi in Tokyo just didn't do much for me.
- Escaflowne
- El Hazard
- Magic Knights Rayearth. Perhaps a little more aimed at a younger audience, but pretty fun.
- My Neighbor Totoro
- Nausicaa, Valley of the Wind
- Laputa
I haven't seen any of these. Man do I have a lot to see still, laugh :-).

Originally Posted by Monochrome View Post
- (Basically, any Studio Ghibli/ Hayao Miyazaki.)
Now Studio Ghibli I know, heh :-).

Originally Posted by Monochrome View Post
By the way, Grave of the Fireflies is possibly the most moving movie I have ever seen. I do not know if I can ever watch it again, but I am very glad I watched it the one time.
Aye. I'd watch it again, but only with someone who hasn't seen it before. I love watching movies with someone else if atleast one of us hasn't seen the film before.
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