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Default Update: Basic User Profiles

Okay! You can go to and check out the basic user profile under My Profile, along with some other changes:
  • User Profiles – basic user profiles with basic information. Click-to-edit input fields. You can see a sample public profile here:
  • SSL support - this can be turned off in Settings if you’d like.
  • Various security tweaks – hashing/salting passwords, password “strength” indicator, parameterization
  • Privacy – your profile is configured so that you “open first” – meaning you don’t need to edit your settings defensively. If you want your profile to be accessible by registered users, anyone, or even search engines, you can make that happen in your Settings. The default option is currently “no one can see my profile”, but this will most likely change to “Friends only” as soon as User Relationships are implemented.
  • Minor design tweaks – button colors have been streamlined
  • Terms of Service

The next update will focus on:
  • Your input from this update
  • User search
  • Friendships
  • Improved menu
  • Activity feed
  • Inner page design tweaks, especially re: the gray overload
  • A 'Kudos' page to give public props to anyone that’s helped

Any feedback is welcome and desired
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