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Default Time is your best friend.

Sounds like a tuff place to be - worried that by trying to help, you've accidentally screwed things up. Doesn't sound to me like you were coming from a bad place though, so all you can do is learn from it (sounds like you wish you hadn't talked to her when drunk, fer example, so there's a solid lesson!) and let it go. It's up to her, and I wouldn't try to fix it. There's lots of lovely people out there for your partner, and if this one isn't the right fit/is gunshy of you/is too young for this, then that's a good thing to know sooner than later, right? I don't think you can hold yerself too accountable - honest mistake, and if you've taken responsibility/apologized for where you think you were wrong, then time is where it's at, right? Hugz!
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