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It sort of got to be a bit more than casual sex. If that's all it were from the go (which I was expecting it to be to begin with) then it would've been fine.
She introduced me to her closest friends, invited me to her parents (didn't go at the time, too inconveniently timed), made public posts about me, affectionate messages, cried on my shoulder etc which (call me crazy) seems unorthodox for something casual.
A part of me wanted all that and I sensed that she wanted it too so I didn't fight it. I had never been involved with someone on this level til then and had certainly not known about non-monogamous relationships so I was, by default, under the assumption that if she's seeing me then she's not seeing anyone else. Lesson learned.
When we hooked up I assumed she knew what she was doing so I didn't bother to ask "Are you seeing anyone?" because I would've expected a response like "Would I be hooking up with you if I were?"
But yeah, as I said, the boundaries talk never came up but I did mention I'd never been in a relationship before (not to say I hadnt had dealings with the opposite sex, just not on this level) and that I personally would have liked to have been in a serious, if brief, relationship with her.
I think at the point when I said either one of those would have been the time for her to bring it up. But I think she has a hard time communicating on these matters.
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