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Originally Posted by SmoovMochaNut View Post

1) method? Should have been face-to-face conversation. Seemed more like - "i've been fucking other guys, now I want you to fuck other women so you can be cool with me fucking other people".

Not the case at all...PK really wanted me to experience Poly...she thought that all people were Poly and just didn't realize it (at least that's how she explained it to me) her goal was to let me see if Poly was for me..if so, she could tell me about her feeling; if not, she wouldn't tell me. PK knows that I have less of an issue with "fuck buddies" (mostly because I know she don't or won't just have one) if that was the case, she would have told me she was fucking someone.

Originally Posted by SmoovMochaNut View Post

2) How did you tell (or how were you told) ?
My partner mentioned that she had joined a couple of dating/fuck sites and meet some people. Background: She knew I realized that she had been texting like crazy. Went from maybe 4-5 texts a day from co-workers, family, friends, etc. to hour-long text sessions (she'd be smiling & giggling at their responses). She felt comfortable enough with them to share her phone number for texts only. She told me that she has had a desire to be with another woman or maybe another man (if he met her very high standards for a "dream guy"). Nothing serious, just a NSA fuck session. least she told you about her feelings...question, and I'm new to Poly, just found out about it this year...but to me, your partner just wants sex with others...and don't mind if you do the my question is Wouldn't this be more of swinging than Poly?

As far as her not telling you about her entire converations (text/phone), I feel that if you want to know, you should discuss it with her...let her know why you want to know...and if she is comfortable with telling you, please don't judge her for the context. If she don't feel comfort telling you, (in my opinion) you may not want to push the issue.
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