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Default 10 Days and a Wake Up...Am I Poly?


10 days and a wake up before I see MY (possesive) PK!!!!

PK sent me my clearance letter today...I'm allowed to "come in the country"...It still schocks me that I have to get permission to enter another country from my country...and I'm not talking about a that, I'm talking about "yes, you CAN come to this country that is not our" type of premission. I mean, this would be like me telling someone, "I'm going over to Jim's house to stay; althought Jim say you can come, you have to ask me first"...but I digress, why?... Cause I love my country and wouldn't trade it for the world!!!!

Anyway, I went on a platonic (sp) date (with a friend of PK and I) this weekend...needed a date for the Mardi Gras Ball...I attend the ball with my Motorcycle Club members and their significant (who all know PK) and got mixed reviews about bringing another woman around...but when I explained that PK knew and that this was not a sexual/intimate thing and that we (PK, my date, and I) are all friends; it seemed to reassure some...but a couple of them was still doubtful.

The ball was date was charming and made a great 'accessory' to my...well to me! Now, knowing how PK don't like to dance and I do...this would be a good situation, I have 'accessories' (dates) for dancing (and going to events PK don't want too) without sex...

My thought was, "Is this Poly?'s a relationship, but not intimate or sexual."...My answer is Nope, not Poly...just friends...but hell, until this year I had no idea what poly what do I know.

In fact, I do have that situation...I have another friend (Tee); her and I often go to events that PK don't want to attend, PK and her are friends, and I love her in a sisterly way...everyone see us together and thinks we are a couple until they see PK, Tee, and I are out and I'm all over PK...

Tee and I have a loving relationship where she tells me that she loves me and I realize that I feel the same; but not in a sexual way (mainly because she don't do oral, giving or receiving; i'm big on giving oral, like recieving it too)...Anyway, Tee and I took our kids (hers and mine) on vacation to Six Flags (PK didn't want to go)...Tee even threw PK a going away party before her deployment.

Am I Poly and didn't know it?....I wonder.

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