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Default meeting the metamours

It went really great.

miss pixi and I got to The Ginger's house around 4:30 on Saturday. Walked around his woods, saw his firepit and the outdoor studio he is building. Then went into his house and got a tour and met his wife, R.

She popped in and out while we got the tour of the amazing underground solar and wood heated house. The Ginger and R designed and built the whole thing themselves back in the 80s, woodwork, electric, everything except the plumbing (which wasnt allowed by code).

So after the tour, miss pixi and Ginger and I sat on his bed and had a glass of wine and then we cooked and ate dinner. R didnt eat the food (not to her taste), but stayed and chatted with us. Then I asked for a demo of Ginger's player piano. His dad used to renovate player pianos, and Ginger had dozens of rolls of music. We took turns pumping the foot pedals, and finally Ginger and I sang a medley of West Side Story songs while miss pixi pumped the pedals. He has a nice strong voice. What a guy... so smitten.

Then a bit more chat. R was nice, cute, friendly, and everyone seemed as relaxed as could be for a first meeting, all 4 "spouses" together.

Then Ginger and miss pixi and I went to the drum circle, held in a UU church in a nearby town. I split my time between dancing around the circle with/near Ginger, and sitting out with miss pixi. (Ginger is such a good dancer... sigh...) Interesting challenge, to be on a date with 2 at once, new for me. It was sexy and fun, altho we all refrained from overt PDAs... I really felt like a nice triad/V. The room was lit by the candles in the center of the circle, it was a good sized crowd, about 40 people. We did some hugging and cuddling now and then, in couples or all 3.

After that ended at 11, Ginger drove us back to his place, miss pixi and I got back in my van and he followed us to Boston. He and I had sex while miss pixi rambled around making herself a sandwich and so on before she went to bed. Ginger and I slept on the pull out couch in the living room.

After our sex was over, I got up and cuddled miss pixi to make sure she was OK. She was fine. She said we were surprisingly quiet. heh

Next morning Ginger and I had more sex, then made us all pancakes and then he and I showered (mmmm) and then he and I walked the dogs along the Charles River. miss pixi didnt want to come.

After that, he left around 1pm.

Anyway, with all the stressful convos here on the board about first meeting of metamours, our meetup went great... everyone meeting at once! Yesterday I asked Ginger how R said she felt about meeting us and he said, she didnt say, but she did hang out with us more than when he's had previous gfs over, so I guess that is a good thing.
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