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Wow when I read this I kind of feel this way too... I imagine all the people my sweetie is with and how they must be so much more exciting than I am. You know what I did... this will sound so funny... I said out loud, stop having these stupid conversations with yourself in your head. I said it OUT LOUD. It was very powerful. It was also able to make me realize that I am scared of not being special. But it also made me realize that there ARE special people out there and time moves on. There may be a point where I may not be special to him and that's ok. So what brought this message home for me was over the holidays someone came to me and told me they had spoken to my ex boyfriend from like 14 years ago (think about this logically 14 years has passed!) He told them he thinks of me and how special and sweet I was and how rotten he was to me and he wished he had treated me better. Now that guy was a hard guy to move on from... I asked myself daily what did I do, what could I do... but yes I did move on. My point is, even when you don't think you will be special, YOU ARE. It may not be in that moment that you want to be, and you just can't compare. Just remember that... he loves you for a reason and he is willing to talk about it with you. Just tell yourself. STOP. Be gentle on yourself.

BTW I did ask him about others... and I have to have faith that he is telling the truth, right now there aren't any except his wife. He said we have always celebrated when we were happy. That's what I am doing even though he is far away now, I am celebrating my love is happy. I really truly want him to be, and I lose myself, to that and it gives me comfort as well.

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