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Originally Posted by sentinal View Post
She's had two new 'relationships' form in the past month, to the detriment of our relationship it seems. She is very much in NRE, one after the other.

I haven't talked about 'investment', I'm not sure what you mean by this. But if you're talking about energy put into the relationship, we do need to have a chat about things.

Now I've arrived here, I'm not sure it was worthy of posting on Polyamory forum. I've had a pro-Monogamy person dropping lines like "that's how it is when you're Poly" and I think I begun to question it and sought advice here It's more of a general relationship problem, Polyamory is just a feature of it.
She sounds like an NRE junky to me. Is this how she normally conducts her poly relationships, or any relationships. It seems she is going one after the other and using poly to just not have to deal with a break up. I dunno, hard to tell from what you've posted.

When I am talking about investment I am talking about how much do you love this women, thought about how she will be in your life in the future, how much do you have a need to work on this with her in order for you to have clear boundaries that address both of your needs.

What do you mean about your last comment. It sounds like a "type" of poly. It sounds like how some people date. It isn't all poly wrapped in a nice package. I suggest this "pro-monogamous" do some research before judging. I'm glad you did some before taking their word on it.

I don't see how what you are talking about isn't a poly issue. Sounds like it to me. Poly is about relationships after all and who better to go to than people who make relationships a huge part of their lives. What did you mean by that?
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