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There seems to be change in the air lately. But it's happening all around me and not to me. It makes me wonder if I should be on alert to it being my turn. People are getting married, people are splitting up, people are having babies and people are coming to the end of their lives. And it all seems to be happening withing the last month.

So here I am with everything being really stable wondering how long the calm can last. I like calm. I like no big life events happening to me. I'm a pretty typical Libra that way. I don't thrive on the drama. Who knows though, maybe it's just because of the calm that I'm more aware of what's going on for other people.

I guess the most difficult thing with all the changes are the mixed emotions a lot of them bring. Internally I'm all over the map. I think at one time things were simple, life events happened (to me or to other people) and I knew how to feel about it. Lately it seems that there isn't an easy emotional answer to anything.

There's a women's retreat coming up that due to timing I can't go to. I really wish I could though because I could use the time away to just be in my head about things for a bit. I can't really do that in my day to day life because my brain power is busy being diverted elsewhere. I know this is all very vague but it's very vague in my head too
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