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Originally Posted by VeronicaE View Post
It was reassuring to know that NRE can do this to your libido . I won't take any drastic decision right now. We'll spend some more quality time together and see what happens.

Thanks for the support!
I'll tell you what we often see here when someone comes here to post their story about opening up a marriage.

You didn't mention whether or not your hubs also dates someone, but either way, what a lot of couples do is go out and have lots of sexy times with their new loves and forget to have dates with each other. The married couple's time together is all too often about family, household, errands, paying bills, etc. Compare that to a fun date and hot sex with a new boyfriend or girlfriend who doesn't share those mundane, everyday responsibilities with you and it seems like the marriage doesn't sparkle anymore. It can be especially hard on a spouse who doesn't have an OSO and stays home while the dating spouse goes out on the town. That spouse staying at home absolutely needs to have other things to do, people to hang with, etc., and should hire a babysitter to do it.

Whether poly or mono, have kids or not, married couples still should have a designated date night every week where they don't talk about the car repairs or the leaky roof, and romance each other. It doesn't have to be a fancy dinner out once a week, but set aside time to connect, even if it's just a walk in the park and getting an ice cream. The biggest mistake long-married couples can make is assuming that they know their partners completely and there is nothing left to get to know abut them. Each day is new, and both of you are always evolving, changing, so court each other and get to know one another again!
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