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Originally Posted by Scott View Post
Man, talk about looking at things from a different perspective, laugh :-). I never read the mangas, so the original was all I had to go by. Because of what you said, I'm now thinking I may give the new version of Hellsing another chance. I admit that I liked the fact that there was more sexuality involved, it's just that.. well in the first one, it seemed Alucard respected Seras more.
You're right on the Seras point. However it makes sense when framed in the mindset of an immortal, life taking, blood sucking monster. You've got to earn his respect and as of the first episode, only a handful of people had.

Originally Posted by Scott View Post
I loved Neon Genesis. It was the first anime I ever saw. Could you tell me the original ending? I'm not sure which ending I saw. In the ending I saw, a bunch of the um.. mechas? from other countries (representing the allies I'm guessing, metaphorically) take out the girl in the mecha from Germany. Then there's like a happy ending thing..thing at the end of the world or something. I liked it anyway :-).
You saw the End of Evangelion/Death and Rebirth ending. In one version of the series they chopped out the last few episodes and replaced them with two movies. That's the ending where Seele wins and Third Impact happens.

In the original ending Gendo uses his son to win by succeeding in Human Instumentality, Third Impact is adverted, and he is reunited with Shinji's mother. The downside to the original ending is that it's hard to follow if you're not paying attention, as like with the rest of the series it relies heavily on symbolism, questions, and philosophy.

The whole series is one big tangled knot of plots in plots, Gendo being awesome, and the like. The Evangelions are only a story telling device to help keep the series framed with something and the plot moving along. The real focus is on the people in this situation.
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