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It's been longer than I thought since I've been to post here.

I am still feeling ups and downs, but not quite so severe. First bf hadn't contacted me in any way at all for two days, and I thought, oh he's just being internal again. But I saw him interacting at social networks, so then I started to wonder if it was personal. I finally sent an email that only said, 'are you mad at me?' Which I just hate, but there I went. He replied 'not at all' and added a bit of conversation. When I replied, I included 'I wondered ,because I'd asked things in previous email, and it's not like you not to answer.' Reconnection and conversation flowed from there.

I went out into meatspace (I love that term)(can't remember where I heard it first ~ here?) and met real, live, poly people! It was fun! It was my local meet. The coffeehouse was a place I used to go regularly when I worked next door to it. I was amazed at how many there were.

Current bf also went, he arrived after I did and left sooner; but I thought it was SO sweet of him to go. He ran into a guy he used to work with there! Apparently, there are (or were) quite a few poly people there. Gamers/geeks/engineers, go figure. Someone was hitting on me, ever so politely; and I found that very cheerful. There was a baby; I didn't get to hold it, but I got to makes lots of faces in return for smiles.

Game day was much fun. Current bf and I shopped and made and ate much junk food. Unfortunately, I think I also started with postnasal drip and should've stayed in bed today. So dumb, I went to work. Boss was more sick than I (he was spending quantity time in the restroom), so he won in the going home department.

And I'm putting my tired old self to bed at 7pm.
Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own...
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