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Originally Posted by Tesla View Post
This helped. It's incredibly easy to forget something as simple as that when you're so busy tearing yourself down.

I've actually heard this quite a few times before (and always immediately thought, what bs!), but after I read your post I decided to give it a go and started my own lists. It's amazing how much my psyche was fighting back. For every thing I wrote that I like it asked, "but what do you hate?" And, "is that *really* something worth liking about yourself? Really?" For every thing I'm good at it countered with, "you're not really that good at it. And you know what you're really bad at? This:_________ and this __________ and this _______." Yikes!

Once I started getting into the lists and was in the habit of telling that bitch in my head to shut up, I started feeling much better about myself and much more calm. So, thank you.
Sorry I'm so long in getting back to you! I'm so glad I was able to help. And your story about the negative self-talk as you made your list demonstrated exactly what I was trying to say. Good for you for telling that negative bitch to shut the hell up!
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