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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
Perhaps you won't ever have to face a situation where such prejudices marginalize you or take away your rights. .
This is a good point Ceoli. I must admit that I have always been in the mainstream of society. (Middle class, white, straight, monogamous and oh so vanilla). From birth to adulthood I have played by the rules, blended with ease and never challenged the norms. I simply fit in to the majority so I don't have the experience to understand the struggles of others who have not shared my past....this is why I feel little passion in challenging things that essentially only affect me if I chose to let them.

Redpepper is teaching me a lot about opening my mind to other lifestyles, social influences and the people that make up the world. I aproach this knew awareness with interest but not the same passion she has.
My life is really very simple in many ways.

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