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Default Tolerances

I have noticed a shift in my tolerances since Dude and I got together. Since I don't date and am never particularly "looking" for a partner I can't comment on that aspect of things but...

Pre-Dude I was sometimes craving physical affection when MrS was not in the mood, and this would make me cranky and critical (which, of course, did nothing to get him in the mood). Since Dude is ALWAYS in the mood I am never lacking in this department...resulting in a less-cranky, less-critical Jane (when I need physical reassurance from MrS specifically - now I just go stand next to him at his computer and he can kiss me or cuddle me or just lean his head against me and I am all good without having to press him for more than he wants).

On the other hand, I have become hyperaware of MrS's feelings (or my perception of them - he doesn't tend to bring things up unless he is REALLY bothered by something). If I think that MrS is at all put out or upset with me I get really anxious and distracted (most of this is completely out of proportion - I'm working on it). I think I have this underlying fear that he is NOT as okay with our current situation as he seems (even though he reassures me this is not the case).
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