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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Hi Ceoli,

Being a bit cautious of the term "principles" we'll try to just put out one or two "concepts" that might be seen as some type of dividing lines between poly & mono outlooks with the required disclaimer IOHO (In Our Humble Opinion)

1> In poly-minded folk, there's an acceptance of the fact/possibility that it's possible to have deep feelings/ caring/emotional bonding (love?) about someone other than one's primary mate and that the existence of this is not viewed as a threat to the primary relationship.

2> The expression of this caring in a sexual manner is accepted when it leads in that direction. It doesn't always, nor is it a requirement, but if it does it's just acknowledged as one component of a close relationship.

It would seem that these basic tenets seem to be the line in the sand in most cases - IOHO
I would say that it doesn't even need the definition that includes the primary relationship since many people don't use that primary/secondary model in their relationships. But yes. The idea that one love doesn't threaten or replace another love seems to be at the center.

So is the difference that monogamy sees romantic love as a zero-sum game and polyamory doesn't?
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