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First, thanks for all of the supportive comments. I feel like I have been a little whiny, but thanks for not pointing that out!

I am trying to show myself some compassion on this issue instead of my typical "suck it up Mandie" attitude. I am so tired of feeling bad for having needs. I realized that it has been (gulp) over a year since we had intercourse. No wonder I am feeling frustrated. Sex isn't everything, but I do feel that it is part of a healthy life and relationship. If I wanted to be celibate I would have become a nun.

Comical aside, I have to tell you that I am close to making a fool of myself with my neighbor. The situation would be funny if it weren't so pathetic. He and I were talking about some software that he is programming for my retail business and I was having trouble concentrating on the conversation because my mind kept wandering to carnal thoughts. Good grief, I sound like a pubescent girl!
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