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Originally Posted by Phy View Post
Hmpf! Can't access the video, German Youtube regulations say "Bad content!". (But I googled the lyrics)
In the video, interspersed with live concert footage and images of a young man and a young woman each getting ready for a date, are shots of several young punk guys hanging out on the street, walking up to random cars, chatting with the drivers through the windows and sometimes getting in. They're pretty clearly meant to be male prostitutes, so perhaps that's what the regulators have a problem with. I'm not positive what the intention was, but my interpretation is that the prospect of having a date makes these not-stereotypically-hot-looking guys feel so desirable that they imagine they could make a living off their bodies if they wanted. Probably totally off base.

The lyrics themselves are pretty silly and juvenile, but I like the over the top exuberance of the song, it captures the feeling for me.

Also, just wanted to say, it's so cool to have enthusiastic supporters of my love life in other countries! Ha! Not a situation I'd previously imagined, but it's funny to think that as we're heading to the bedroom (fingers crossed!) I could tell Gia "the international community is waiting to know whether or not we get it on, let's not disappoint them!"
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