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I simply live in a world where I don't feel the need to challenge things. I'm glad for that, it enables me to focus on the reality of my life and not worry about what the rest of the world thinks or does. I don't need approval or permission to be comfortable in how I chose to live my life. I get the sense that you do...I hope you get there, Ceoli. I truly do.
You misread my intentions then, Mono. I'm not looking for nor do I need approval or permission to live the life I lead. I have already made those choices and am quite comfortable with them. I already have what I need to live my life happily. And part of that is having the strength to challenge prejudices and misinformation. Both within my self and in other people. This doesn't take away from my inner peace. It takes away from my inner denial and thus allowing my peace to be more authentic in myself. Good for you that you don't feel the need to do that.

Perhaps you won't ever have to face a situation where such prejudices marginalize you or take away your rights. That's great for you. And honestly, I probably won't have to face a situation like that either (though I also know that it could happen). But because I'm a human being, I feel it a key aspect of my humanity to do my part to create a world that provides justice and understanding for all people. Not just my little isolated corner. Challenging prejudice isn't about "asking for permission or approval". It's about standing up for yourself and expecting that you will be able to live your life with your choices without having to pay a huge societial price. It's a huge difference. Gay and lesbian and transgendered people aren't asking for permission when raising issues. And neither am I.

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