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1) method? Should have been face-to-face conversation. Seemed more like - "i've been fucking other guys, now I want you to fuck other women so you can be cool with me fucking other people".

2) How did you tell (or how were you told) ?
My partner mentioned that she had joined a couple of dating/fuck sites and meet some people. Background: She knew I realized that she had been texting like crazy. Went from maybe 4-5 texts a day from co-workers, family, friends, etc. to hour-long text sessions (she'd be smiling & giggling at their responses). She felt comfortable enough with them to share her phone number for texts only. She told me that she has had a desire to be with another woman or maybe another man (if he met her very high standards for a "dream guy"). Nothing serious, just a NSA fuck session. She says that she still & will always love me & didn't want to leave me, but just have had these feelings on-and-off for years, but could never get the courage to tell me. At the same time, she tried to convince me to join the sex sites too, and she would be supportive of me looking for a fuck-buddy as well - no big deal. She basically felt depressed about herself and needed to know that she was still desirable to other people - and she is - she just has a hard time really believing it. To her, sex is just stuff people do. But sex is very big deal in most relationships, it's a bond we she as faithful spouses. Now to say that sex is simple acts that should be shared was a bit shocking coming from her - she has always been jealous/protective of me when she thought another women was trying to flirt with me - now she's Ok with me seeing & fucking somebody else?
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